Bulkley Valley


The Bulkley Browser has many options for advertising in the printed version. The following are PAID ads:

Print Advertising

Business Display Ads – Business display ads are $8.50+HST per column inch, per issue. (Column inch = 1” x 2 1/2”). Artwork is free and you can update your ad as needed in a text box.

Commercial Ads – including Real Estate, Rentals, Employment or Personal Businesses selling items or services can promote their wares for $5.00+HST ($5.25) which includes 200 characters (three lines) per issue for a regular classified ad. You can also highlight your ad for $2.00.

Obituaries are also a paid ad in the printed Browser; the cost is per the size quoted.


Inserts can be dropped off and inserted with the weekly Browser or we can copy for you.

Delivery is $8.50+HST per 100 copies.

Contact us at: 250.842.4143 or email browser2019@bulkley.net for more information.
We do not process payments online.