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    To The District of Hazelton road maintenance, and all the Villages, the School Bus Drivers of Hazelton would like to thank-you for how well the roads were maintained this year.  Two thumbs up!!

    To some of the vehicle drivers please pay attention to the following:

    If a school Bus has the red lights at the top of the bus flashing and there is also a stop sign that automatically extends from the bus that means STOP.  On all roads in BOTH directions including Hwy 16.  You may approach the bus and stop before the bus at approximately 20 feet one vehicle length, you do not have to stop at the other end of the block but thank-you for stopping if you do, just do not pass the bus.  There are certain drivers that are not paying attention and are driving through the red lights.  The procedure outside New Hazelton Elementary has changed at the Principle’s request.  In January two students had stepped out from in-between the buses and almost got hit by a vehicle traveling on Bowser.  One bus now parks on the roadway and has it red lights flashing from the time the students are dismissed at 2:52pm until the buses are released by the Principle at approximately 3:00pm.  Even with the lights flashing and horn honking drivers have driven through the red lights and stop sign.  All buses now have cameras and some also have dash cams.  You are being recorded.

    The other item is the school bus loops are for school buses not cars, there is signage stating that.  If you use the bus loops for your personal use during the posted times, do not expect a warm or co-operative response from the bus drivers, as you are delaying them or getting in the way.  The School district did not spend all that money on bus loops for you to drop off or pickup your child at the front door.  The high school has even spent more money for signage saying to pickup your child in the student parking.  Thank-you from the Shop Steward and Drivers of Hazelton School Buses.